10th Sep2008

Design Inspiration - Posters

by Steve Tolley

This article will get your desiging juices flowing, Part 1 in a series of design inspiration articles, this one will look at modern and old posters, I have hand picked the ones that I believe are the best at giving you ideas, they have certainly given me some,

1 - As The World My Eyes See

2 - Design Is…

3 - Do Not Copy, Create Something New

4 - Graphic Design Is About…

5 - Error 404

6 - Coming Soon

7 - Technix

8 - Ink And Water Don’t Mix

9 - Past

10 - Love…

11 - Playful

12 - Retro

13 - Stay Fresh

14 - Typography

15 - What Is Graphic Design?

16 - Solid Gold Bomb

17 - Wall-E

18 - Gill Sans

19 - Formality

20 - Design Culture

And there you go, I hope you all have enjoyed looking at this collection of posters and that you are now in the mood to go and get some cool designs done, Part 2 will be design inspiring websites, so make sure you sign up to the RSS Feed so that you don’t miss it.

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