This tutorial is a very quick and simple guide on how to create your own desktop background, it’s easy to follow and understand and the outcome looks quite good for the simplicity of the design,

Creating Your Own Desktop Wallpaper

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1. Open up Photoshop and create a new document name it what you want and set the size to your screen resolution (can be found in the control panel under the “Display” section) have the colours set to RGB and press “OK”

2. First fill the background (using the fill tool) with a pure black colour (#000000)

3. Next go to Filters > Render > Lighting Effects and use the settings as shown below:

4. Next add your text and any blending options e.g. drop shadow etc… and place where you want it,

5. Finally save it as a JPEG and go to the folder where it was saved and right click and choose “set as desktop background” and admire your work

I also made this other background below using similar techniques but instead of using “Lighting Effects” I used “Lens Flare”

If this tutorial has helped you learn abit more about Photoshop then
why not tell other people about it, votes are always highly appreciated!!

  1. Lee Coop
    February 28th, 2008

    Ahhhh Brill man

    i have learn some more stuff from this so i have done a few more and some really good ones..

    A ++++

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