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June 8, 2009 in Website News/Updates by Steve Tolley

Yep as you can probably see in the navigation bar at the top of the screen I have integrated some forums into this website this is for many reasons:

  • It offers help for the community if people who are new or learning Photoshop need it
  • You can ask questions there and (when some members subscribe) hopefullly we can get a good strong community together to help people who need it
  • When I am not around you can post your questions there and others will be able to help you
  • Everyone can learn from others instead of just my tutorials

Hopefully this will take off and some of you reading this who need questions answering will sign up.


Whilst the Forums are in beta I will be around to answer any questions people post over there, and to aid in any problems you may be having with them.

If you find any Bugs or if you have any Suggestions don’t hesitata to contact me via the Contact Form in the navigation bar or email me at:

Let me know your thoughts on these forums and if you think they are a good idea and if you would regularly use them, and I will hopefully see some of you sign up and start asking questions.

Later This Week

Look for the new post later this week about the “Different File Format Types in Photoshop” alternatively sign up to the RSS Feed to be alerted when this is posted!

So for now head over to the forums now and get signing up: