Advertising on Photoshop Tutorials

September 17, 2008 in Website News/Updates by Steve Tolley

Yes that’s right, Buysellads accepted me into their beta period to try out their advertising scheme, so what’s available I hear you ask, well…

  • 6 Adverts in the Sidebar (125×125 Pixels)
  • 1 Advert Above ALL Posts (553×100 Pixels)

Thats all that I have for now, but I may add more if these are sucessful and sell out…

These Adverts will help to pay for the server that the website is hosted on and as a University student it is pretty difficult to pay for the servers and keep the website going at the minute, so all of this would help keep the website running.


  • Adverts in the Sidebar - $30/Month
  • Above ALL Posts - $50/Month
  • Text Links - $15/Month

To purchase an Advert spot simply click and of the boxes that say “Advertise Here” which will take you to the Buysellads page, where you can simply add the Advert to your shopping cart (Membership Required)


If you have any other questions then leave a comment below, or use the CONTACT form in order to get in touch with me and tell me your query.