My first tutorial is how to create a “Favicon” for the address bar of your blog,
It is a step by step tutorial of how to create and upload the “Favicon” to your blog.

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Creating a Favicon !

Step 1:
Open up Photoshop and create a “New” document with the size of the document set to 16×16 pixels.

Step 2:
Zoom into the square so that it can be easily seen, then choose the “Text” tool and write what you want to be on the Icon, for example mine is “SB” so this is what I type.

Step 3:
Next right click on the selected layer and choose “Blending Options” then pick all of the options which you want to include, on this example i have added a drop shadow, an inner shadow, it has been bevel and embossed and I have also added a colour overlay.

Step 4:
When you are happy with the final image then click File > Save As, and then choose JPG and then type .ico on the end of the file name instead of .jpeg this saves it as an Icon file which can be uploaded.

Step 5:
Go to MyFavatar and register.
Follow the steps on this website on how to upload your Icon, next click on “Edit Blog” then enter your blog details, after this click on “Favatar Codes” and follow these steps into entering this code into your “Template HTML Code” this website tells you where abouts to paste the given code into your blog.

Step 6:
Finally after pasting the given code into your blog admire your “Favicon” on the tab/address bar.

Hope this has helped you,

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  1. kixgirl
    September 5th, 2008

    Problem: the link of myfavatar doesn’t work. I think that it just doesn’t exist anymore…

  2. Steve Tolley
    September 5th, 2008

    Hey KixGirl, Ye probably not as this post was originally done back in May of 2007 so it might have gone down between that time and now, thanks for pointing it out though and I will sort it out when I have a spare few minutes,
    Nice to see a returning visitor aswell :D

    Stevie :D

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