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Creating A Very Simple Desktop Wallpaper

Posted by Steve Tolley

This tutorial is a very quick and simple guide on how to create your own desktop background, it’s easy to follow and understand and the outcome looks quite good for the simplicity of the design,

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  • Red themed CSS and Flash design gallery - Part 1

    I’ve decided to make the web design showcase themed as it is more easy to find what you are looking for. You will be surprised but there aren’t many quality red CSS and Flash sites. But don’t worry. I’ve gathered in this showcase article 22 of the best, and 23 more are waiting for the release of Part 2 so they can show off their red design.

  • Create A Quick Glossy Web 2.0 Icon In Photoshop

    In this tutorial we will learn how to create a quick, smooth and glossy a web2.0 icon. Even though the beauty of design lies in detail, we will try to make an icon in 10 steps.

  • Freebies - Stone Textures Pack 1

    A free set of 16 high resolution (2080×1544) stone textures from Arbenting. Available for both personal and commercial use.

  • The effect of Tilt-shift camera lens

    The next lesson is about how is it possible to get the effect of Tilt-shift camera lens to your photos

  • Merry Christmas Tree

    Learn how to create your own Christmas tree wallpaper with these tutorial

  • Making of Dolphins

    In this tutorial, I will describe tips about how I made the Dolphins wallpaper.

  • Drawing Burning Candle

    In this lesson I’ll tell in detail how to draw burning candle. The flame is in general complex enough theme, and there is a set of ways to draw it. I’ll show you one of them which I use

  • Kerem Beyit - digital painter

    Kerem Beyit is a digital painter from Turkey. Besides the usual werewolves or the dragons from his drawings done in Photoshop you will also see interesting and mystical characters. The quality of his drawings made him receive awards and recognition from the computer graphics communities like CgSociety, CgChannel, CgGallery, 3DTotal and CgArena.

  • Design blogs with Flickr Groups

    Come join and share your work with the rest of us.

  • iPhone İcons

    I-KID (aka Kidaubis) has offered up some really wonderful icons for the iPhone. Each are very well designed and easy to work with.

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