How To Make An Aqua Button

Posted by Steve Tolley

This tutorial is “How To Make An Aqua Button”,
It is a very good tutorial and explains fully what to do,
I have tried and tested it and it works fine for me, any problems let me know and I will do my best to help you.

How To Make a HDR Image Using One Picture

Posted by Steve Tolley

This tutorial is very interesting and useful,
It is how to fake a HDR image using Photoshop and only one image! Easy to follow
with a good outcome/end product.

Creating A Smoke Effect Using Smudge Tool

Posted by Steve Tolley

This tutorial is about how to make a smoke effect in Photoshop using a simple black line and the easy to use smudge tool, very easy to follow and understand.

Creating A Transparent Counter Strike: Source Spray

Posted by Steve Tolley

This tutorial is a quick and easy guide on how to create your own personal transparent spray for Counter Strike: Source !

Creating Icon For The Address Bar

Posted by Steve Tolley

My first tutorial is how to create a “Favicon” for the address bar of your blog,
It is a step by step tutorial of how to create and upload the “Favicon” to your blog.

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