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"15 yuan, profit is only a few cents, on sales down to 30,000, down only two or three million a year, and no the cheap wedding dressdifference between working out. Work also do not risk, operating such a big heart. [...]" · View
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    15 yuan, profit is only a few cents, on sales down to 30,000, down only two or three million a year, and no the cheap wedding dressdifference between working out. Work also do not risk, operating such a big heart. "Mr Yan said that it paved 2 million / year arethe cheap wedding dress renting out, can only withstand continue to do so. As long as people take over, his wife and ready to go to work together., he said: wedding dresses"In the reason may be inflation. My clothes mainly for ordinary people, the price rise was so fierce, if not particularly urgent, we do not buy a dress for quinceanera dresses  a long time is possible . "Second plan: Rent sides share the rent-sharing"This year the rent rose to 11 million from 9 million a wholesale wedding dresses  year are hard for others to make money, this is no way I approach." Miss Song’s shop trading range in the middle of the first snail Bay, the four directions flow , the location is better, there is just one side wall side of the aisle. On the pavement close to her "share rental side" information, cheap wedding dresses "after a year to make up stall rent, my pavement up 2 million a year, and some have gone up by 3-4 million." Ms. Song is the cost of the booth a few hundred dollars a day, mainly engaged in middle-aged women, after the Chinese New Year business Jiandan, sometimes prom dresses  one can only sell a few pieces of retail. "Up 10% of the purchase cost, rental prices, but business is less and less. Previous to getting goods to customers, one is three-four packages; different now, but one package, bridesmaid dresses  said retail is not good to do the same." So she thought of share sublet to spread the cost side, called the price of 2 million per year. cocktail dresses  But the information to hang out more than 10 days, no one movement. The middle of the first trading range, more than a dozen rental shops to hang out side the information sharing, one of the word "lease halfthe cheap wedding dress of the stalls," the message said but also for sharing the cost of boss. Intends to three: Control the cost of streamlining the pavementMsthe cheap wedding dress. Lee, a new world in the clouds spinning clothing brand jeans to do business on the second floor, her area of 28 square meters, evening dresses  renovation and unique shops, also joined the ranks of lease sale. Pavement rent more than 80,000 yuan last year, this year up into 10 million, Ms. Lee would like to transfer out more than 10 million wedding dress , but have not found a suitable tenant. Opened their home in Kunming 3 pavement, one in the Metro Shopping Centre. As the new cover of the Metro Shopping Centre opening soon, wanted to transfer a pavement, saving manpower and lower costs. According to reports, stock prices go the   celebrity dresses brand jeans, 20%, 30% of retail prices go. "Before getting goods to customers on the city, one must carry a thousand dollars; flower girl dresses now only carry three or four hundred dollars. The coolie wages from over 800 years ago, rose to 1,200 yuan, the cost is too high  the cheap wedding dress, The more business the shop was previously possible, it is less a less pressure. "ViewPoint 1: can not go on to be phased out"As far as  the cheap wedding dress I know, snail Bay has more than 10,000 businesses, business is indeed a large number, but

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    students to study abroad. In Chinese students first appeared the western-style students’ fuck clothing juicy couture, fuck cap, dress of input, provides the judge beautiful another kind of frame of reference, and directly affect social dress concept change juicy couture. Future evolution for harmony between Chinese and western penetration cheongsam of new type, its are western influence of changes can  juicy couture be said that is starting. During the period of the republic of qipao The 1911 revolution of 1911 storm rises suddenly overturned the Chinese history  wedding dresses , the last imperial, for western-style dress in China’s popularization cleared the political obstacle, but also the traditional ethical   cheap juicy couture  concept with weathering harsh throw at part, lifted the clothing system on hierarchy various consumes orange. Clothing go into the civilian prom dresses  and internationalization of freedom to change, has success will come from the traditional, qipao discharge of the heavy burden wedding dress. Old flag female robes were abandoned; the new qipao dress up in troubled times is start precipitate. At this time of fashion centre by Sue, Yang has moved to Shanghai. Shanghai is women seek liberation towns  juicy couture jewelry. Missionaries and merchants, revolutionary party global-positioning founded female learn, open a wave feminist movement, seek liberalization of social wave cleaning climatic dress up in costumes outmoded  juicy couture boots conventions and customs, tends to be concise, tonal and strive to quietly elegant, pay attention to reflect the female’s natural beauty. Qipao juicy couture tracksuits was initially based on ma3 jia3 guises, ma3 jia3 long and foot dorsum, add in short ao. After long ma3 jia3 to have sleeve style, juicy couture also became the rudiment of new-style cheongsam juicy couture. Is said to have while Shanghai girl students are the Chinese dress   juicy couture watches popular beginning warriors in person. When the girl students as a representative of the intellectual women become social ideal image, they are the   juicy couture sunglasses symbol of civilization, fashion guide, and social celebrities characters in succession be fashionable female student dress up.  wedding dresses  30 and 1940s cheongsam’s top stage is, at this moment the improved cheongsam again appear in the structure method, draw  juicy couture handbags western-style cutting ChenShen fit body more coats. Qipao although YuQingQi female robes emerged, but has different from western dress cocktail dresses monitoring system, become characteristic of  plus size wedding dresses  modern Chinese women’s standard clothing. Qipao Qipao originates from the robe, and the Beijing publicity is juicy couture inhabited the land, so most publicity until the late qing dynasty, the Chinese dress belongs to juicy couture Beijing culture. The

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    women’s 16 JiJi, can marry, And call "male 30 and marry, female 20 and marry", it is to lose. Han shu ·wedding dress  HuiDiJi "in is specifically documented:" women in more than 15 to 30 don’t marry, five calculate." "Five calculate" is punished her pay five times the number of taxation. In fact, ancient Chinese married  celebrity dresses  phenomenon is also very serious, the song dynasty had "every male in 15, female 13 in, and listen to the provisions of the marriage". "We HouHanShu · biography in recording:" we have four in ten, holding dustpan-shaped  party dresses  vessel in cao surname "&advanced. Han shu · shangguan queen biography "there were even made a month  juicy couture handbags  in suichuan empress, preceded the record six years old. But it is to be in before age 20. Ancient family to NvGu yingqin, both in the night. "Chicago" ritual ", and the faint: "feed ritual issued." Zheng note yue: "and his wife rite, with a faint, so how to name. Yang and Yin, day into three  prom dresses is faint." And, "master jenn-air Bian, Zi, BiXuanDuan self-publishers follower, car, car ride from ink least-square, holding candle before the horse. I.e. yingqin per capita wear black horses, and also in black. This custom and later to daytime yingqin, wear red dress   mermaid wedding dresses  of marriage customs, are different. Since the tang dynasty began, beginning will escort the time instead of the morning. According to the DuanChengShi Donald stepped miscellaneous da Yang "account:" the ritual, wedding will be faint, with its Yang and Yin to also to salute to xiao. Today." Xiao namely  cheap wedding dresses  dawn. Then come today. Ancient for an entry-level bride posture is also has exquisite. According to the wonderful indeology records: ", that is BaiGui out keiko people have new yue: "marry women, those women to smoke, appropriate Ann mr.sunji, visual mei do. ’" the so-called" Ann mr.sunji, smoke visual MDM line ", still bing and note yue: designer wedding dresses "Ann mr.sunji, smoke visual MDM line, describe the state, it may be said eagled bride can do. However, hard word interpretation tacit. Ann person, easy; jin, who carefully; the smoke, depending on who look flow is not straight grundstimmung; MDM practitioners, dynamic check shame. Is AnXu shrinkage and gentle, also is the bride entry-level materials, cocktail dresses except the state is lost identity." Han dynasty when they got married, all with green cloth curtain pitched into tents, to worship ceremony held pay. The ShiShui word jargons, illustrates the book of evening dresses  records false: "weiwu fewer, taste and YuanShao good for rangers. View, because people newly-married dive master garden, night called call cloud: ’a steal son thief! bridesmaid dresses’ green dormant go-between is out of view. Weiwu but into, smoke blade selloff bride." In the green dormant in the custom, has been married along the renewal in qing juicy couture  dynasty, pu song-ling’s "masterpiece" in many place mentioned. And according to historical records, the han royal occasion, there have been married a wholesale wedding dresses nd customs of wedding night listening rooms custom. According to XuanDi sayako, han shu "account:" five phoenix ennui yue: "two captains of the marriage ceremony, yangqi interceded  wedding dresses  also. Especially the will, so do music also. This county kingdom 2,000 stone or aside for heavy ban, prohibiting people marry shall not have driven waste HeZhao, especially in

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