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"My wife and I met in a wedding feast of one of our common friends. In that day, she dressed very beautiful, but she drank very much and was very unhappy. During the wedding time, she just sat in a [...]" · View


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    My wife and I met in a wedding feast of one of our common friends. In that day, she dressed very beautiful, but she drank very much and was very unhappy. During the wedding time, she just sat in a corner alone and looked very lonely and sad. There were many people went to ask her whether she need help, she just shake her head without saying any word. I was so interested in her that I went to her and asked her why she was so unhappy and I could give her help whenever she needed. When I did this, I just was surprised by my action and thought that I also would be rejected by her. However, to my surprise, she responded and told me her story that the bridegroom was the person she loved deeply and his bride was not her but her best friend. I suddenly had the thought that this girl was too miserable and needed a person to take well care of.

    After that wedding, she was liquor-saturated completely. I asked my friend her address and sent her home. From then on, we often contacted by phone and date. We shared everything we meet in everyday life and traveled around the country together. There are many happy time that worth cherishing and memorizing between us. I can not say clearly when we fell in love with each other.

    One year later, she took me to see her parents and introduced me officially to her parents. I was very worried whether her parents would like me, the result was cheerful. I got the recognition of her parents. And my parents always support me on whatever decision I make. So we got married in the 365th day of us knowing each other, which was the thing two years ago.
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    Frankly speaking, I felt very lucky to own such a good wife. She helped me so much both in life and my career. Last year, my business was affected by the financial crisis largely and my company almost went bankruptcy. I was despaired and became very low-spirited, often lost my temper to her. But she never blamed me and just accompanied quietly around me. She encouraged me to bestir myself and to restart my career and she would support me all the time. No matter what difficulty we would encounter, she was willing to live through it together with me.
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    The second commemoration day is coming, and I want to tell her that I have step out of the shade of financial crisis. I will restart my career to earn money to give her a happy and rich life. I will not lose my temper to make her feel wronged and am so grateful to her for her supporting and encouraging. However, I need a new appearance to remind myself that I have been born again and also to give her a romantic and unforgettable red-letter day. My friends recommend me to choose Ed hardy because it is fashionable and has a variety of styles for people to select.
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    I have decided to ask an expert to give me some advice, then go to buy Ed hardy. Believe that my new appearance will be certain to give a surprise. Wife, waiting for me!

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    We will compete for something if we love it sometimes, as we do not want to lose a good chance. But, if the other loves the same thing as you, what will you do? Can you make a concession to meet other’s requirement? Or you just want to quarrel with him or her to get the thing you like? Or even act in a rude way which to fight for it? I do not know what action will you take, but I actually met a situation like that in three days ago.
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    When I wanted to buy a pair of new shoes in the Ed Hardy specialty store, a terrible condition was occurred. Though I thought that will never happen in such a high class store, still it does, as a nice lady was quarrel heavily with a young teenage girl, which made the busy store in usual even more noisier. Why they acted like that uncivilized manner? After hearing the quarrel for more than two minutes, I comprehended its reason.
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    The story was simple and daily-happened. They just wanted to have the same Ed Hardy jeans, but the specialty store only had one. So, it was difficulty to meet their both needs. And the saleswoman had been tried her best to ease this unfriendly atmosphere. But as you can imagine, there was no help at all. The mid-aged lady said she bought it for her daughter, while the young teenage girl said she bought it for her friend as birthday present. Both of them did not back up a step and gave up. The whole process was last about ten minutes, finally the store’s manager promised the girl he will give 35% off when the new but same jeans are come, which are arriving in three days. Perhaps the girl aware there was no use at all if she still sticks to it, and there were many people were watching the joke, so she gave up at the end and thanked the manager and said she will back in three days to get a new one.
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    The story ended. Does it interesting? Or do you think it is ridiculous? Maybe both have. However, as far as I am concerned, although the Ed Hardy jeans are good enough to worth to buy, still, when we meet the same condition mentioned above, we should make up our mind and fulfill others’ dream.

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    I think no one does not know the brand Ed Hardy in the United States, especially among the young people. They like the design of Ed Hardy, the style of Ed Hardy and the fashion Ed Hardy leads. We know Ed Hardy is famous for its bold design of the fashionable clothes. The best-selling Ed Hardy is a colorful T-shirt, which is printed with the slogan “Love Kills Slowly”. So, if you regard yourself as the fan of the fashion and trend and do not hear of the brand, it means you are a little behind of the times.
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    Ed Hardy’s unique features are the joint effort of tattoo godfather and jeans genius. Depending on the techniques such as embroidery, washing and splash-ink, the jeans create of a feeling of decadence and erosion; then combined with the tattoos like eagles, tigers, demons, daggers produced by the masters and the modern cartoons, for example, dogs and squirrels, Ed Hardy is loved by the young as soon as it is introduced to the market. So, many American young people will feel cool and proud if they own an Ed Hardy, from clothes to the shoes.
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    In 1977, the founder of Ed Hardy opened his first shop in the Mission street in San Francisca, whose advanced tattoo techniques open a new epoch in this field. In 1991 and in 1999, he opened the second and third shops subsequently. And he was called the godfather – DON in the field of tattoo. Later, the designer, Christian Audigier, the genius in the jeans combined Ed Hardy classical tattoo and the street culture and PUNK elements to create the brand features full of American spirit boldly. The cooperation of the two masters brings the new blood and fresh air for the fashion circle.
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    Ed Hardy is loved by not only average young people but also some famous figures in Hollywood such as Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton, David Beckham, Ewan McGregor, Usher. The fantastic idea and colorful design even make a simple and plain T-shirt pleasant. In addition, its diversity shows bright future.

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    The winter has already come and the temperature has already dropped so low that forced me to put on heavier clothes. But I didn’t ed hardy christian audigier mens jeans denim know what I should wear at all! I have already been single for three years and I really need a relationship, so I have to look good all the time and get ready for the coming love. But all of my winter clothes in my closet make me look stupid and clumsy when I putting them on. So I finally decided to buy some new clothes for the cold winter.

    When I was skimming through the fashion magazines, I found that the Ed Hardy of this season was really attracting! The vivid colors and the casual design all made the clothes of Ed Hardy a perfect choice for me in the coming winter. So I decided to go to the shopping mall the next day to buy them.
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    The next day when I went to the shopping mall, the shop assistants in the Ed Hardy store told me that the series I wanted had already been sold out that maybe I needed to wait for another several days. I was not happy about the result. But then, the manager of the store came to me and asked may he have my telephone number so that he could inform me as soon as the clothes I wanted arrive. He was a very cute guy and I almost fall in love with him the moment I saw him, so of course I gave him my telephone number.

    Only after 2 days, he telephoned me that the overcoat I wanted had arrived and I could come to the store. So I went there happily and finally got the one I wanted so much. It was exactly the one I wanted and it went so well with my tight jeans and UGG boots. The colors were more satisfying than it looked on the magazines. What’s more, he even gave me a 20% off discount!
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    Since I also got his telephone number after he called me, so I sent him a short message expressing my gratitude to him when I went back home. Then after that, we gradually began sending each other short messages and we began to know each other. And finally, he telephoned me to ask me whether I had time to have dinner with him. I smiled and asked: “Is that a date?” “Yes.” he said shyly.

    “Then, yes, I will go.” I also laughed.

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    As a professional street dancer I was particular with the jeans and shirts, for they could generate infinite inspiration if the feeling is right. But I have never met a kind of match which can satisfy me. An important competition is approaching and I wonder whether I am lucky enough to find the source of my creation. Then a birthday gift sweeps my worry away.
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    As I am eligible to teach in a famous institute, I am busy everyday. I seldom have chance to spend some time with my dear girlfriend who is ten years elder than me. She is really a lovely and sentimental woman and she has a heart full of care to me. Of course I have told her about my concern on the dressing of the competition but at that time I was not expecting to get resolution from her and I was just uttering out my recent worry to her as all lovers share their happiness and sorrow. During our talk, she asked me what I would like for my birthday present. And I answer without hesitation that a coat that could drive me move on the stage with power and novel steps as well as gestures. She seemed also bemused by my avid desire.
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    There are so many street clothes but I don’t know why I can’t have a single interest in them, maybe because they are too common. I really want to find a new feeling and I even create my work with naked body. It sounds weird but I have tried all means. Until the day I get a birthday present from my honey. She presents me an ED Hardy which was covered by the special design with a tiger and virgin respectively. I suddenly thought of the combination of the ambitious footstep and slow reserved gestures. I was very glad with my new idea. And I showed it to my girlfriend who even cried for my newly designed dance. I was very thankful to her. And since then on, I have become the loyal pursuer of ED Hardy.
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    I know my girlfriend in order to find a proper gift to me she has asked all her colleagues and friends’ opinions and finally chose the product by the big designer Christian Audigier who I once heard of but didn’t try his design. And it is also out of my expectation that he could offer me such a strong feeling in art. Thanks to my girlfriend who was so conscientious and help me find the right piece of art that I could adorn nothing and be able to dance fluently without stop to the end of one song. I love ED Hardy.

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    If we open the wardrobe, we must see the sports and leisure clothing among all kinds of clothes. The sports clothes are the first choice for us, when we are doing some sports, doing out for a walking and other time for they offer us much comfortable and relax feeling, even forget the pressure of the work. However, in modern days, for the young people, comfort can not be the only reason for us to choose the sports clothes, they also should be fashion and beautiful, so that we can wear them even when we go out for shopping. The better choice is that we can mix match the sports and fashion clothes, add some sports elements to the fashion clothes or add some fashion elements to the sports clothes, so the fashion band ED HARDY must be your best choice.
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    Ed Hardy is standing for tattoo art and fashion. It’s very popular all over the world. It uses the method like embroidery, washing, ink to create feeling of decadance. If you are also crazy by the art, you should not miss the brand. As the founder of this brand, Don Ed Hardy is known as “the godfather of modern tattoo”, for his sophistication, depth and sense of experimentation. He is recognized around the world for his technical brilliance and mesmerizing imagery. This broad spectrum of taste and experience, coupled with an ongoing investigation of various art histories and a mastery of technique, give his work a unique range and depth.
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    As one of the most famous sports brand, Ed Hardy has its unique and stylish traits to fulfill the demands of the fashion conscious public. There is no denying that Ed Hardy clothing line has become a new street fashion. When we are walking on street, you will find that there are so many Ed Hardy stores and Ed Hardy clothes selling well. Due to the unique design and vigorously promoting, Ed Hardy clothing becomes more and more popular. If you love sports, a sports suit is a must for you, but many sports wears only have boring color such as red, green or white. If you are bored with this dullness, you can also try t carved with kinds of exquisite patterns. In addition, the Ed Hardy has prepared many sports wear for the customers, including the suits, shirts, trousers, shoes and so on, and you can choose what you need. We can say that you can find whatever you need in the brand, for the fashion designers design different sports wears every year.
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    Now you have know a lot about the famous brand – Ed Hardy, do you want to buy some sports wear? This year, if you want to go ahead the fashion trend, you should not miss Ed Hardy, which mix match the sports and fashion elements in it. if you want to send your friends a present, the Ed Hardy must be the best choice, and it will never be out, for it will be popular forever.

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