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"Young woman shocked when they heard a murderer Ali Fox is a British woman. One afternoon, she helped her husband clean up the room, surprised to find her husband in the collection of desk drawer stack of newspaper clippings. Reported [...]" · View


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    Young woman shocked when they heard a murderer

    Ali Fox is a British woman. One afternoon, she helped her husband clean up the room, surprised to find her husband in the collection of desk drawer stack of newspaper clippings. Reported above, a man named Charles Ezra Matt criminals, specifically looking for rich women, and their marriage, and then try to kill them, the money is already accounted for. Since the court can not be evidence of his death, had to throw him into prison. 耐克运动鞋 Matt escaped but later escaped by Charlie Slavin. Ali Fox met with the newspaper photo and description of the criminal offender characteristics, suddenly dizzy. Turned out that the offender was actually the wedding now husband - Gerald Mark! Just then, Alex heard Ali came a whistle out of the window, saw her husband into the yard, took a spade hands. She thought: I’m afraid he would kill me tonight! She wanted to escape to the house, but was worried about her husband suspected. I must take when he went behind the house, pick up the phone to a friend Dick hastily called emergency call. Got off the phone, she pretended nothing had happened, cook a cup of coffee and handed her husband just last hug.
    Husband, children drink coffee port, said: ”It did not take sugar with coffee? So hard! I do not drink, and go, we go to the cellar visit, sort out.”
    Ali Fox that her husband to kill her, to trying to get rid of him outstretched hand. But she knew 高仿运动鞋 that he could not escape, inspiration, said: ”Gerald, you wait, I confess to you!” She quickly made up a story, want to stall for time, waiting for a friend Dick to come.
    ”What you confess?” Gerald asked, very curious.
    Ali Cox said: ”I hide two things to you, the first thing is: I am 22 years old, I married a rich man. I rhetoric to persuade him to participate in life insurance, then I had to work in a hospital pharmacy, operating over many rare poison. You may have heard about the poison emperor cents base, right? also recognize the poison began to be issued once the full effects of the medicine after, it can not check out from the body. I was stealing a little of that drug. I pretended to be a good husband, let the neighbors know I am a good wife. Every night, I have personally for his coffee. One night I kind of poison quietly dropped into the coffee, pretty soon, he fell on the chair, never get up again. I lied about his sudden attack of a serious illness to death. had his £ 2,000 life insurance payment and he took to all the property. With the first time, there is the second time, second time I was sodden coffee with poison, had £ 4,000 of life insurance. now third in line 传奇世界私服 for you - ”Ali Alex said pointing to the coffee table.
    Gerald heard here, his face pale, his hands desperately to pull his own throat, while screamin towards Stephen and said: ”coffee, no wonder so bitter coffee, the original ..” Alex Ali rushed toward the side of the past.
    In fact, Alex and Ali did not poison, but she is the murderer in the face, there is no need to tell him the truth. As she stepped back, while calm he said: ”Yes, I was under the poison in the coffee, it has made adequate toxicity, but not much you drink, is still not 传世私服 immediately die, wait, soon someone to deal with you. Now, you can never leave the chair of the step! ”
    Gerald’s nerves could not bear this heavy blow, the spirit of a sudden crash - he shocked when they heard in the past. At that time, Ali’s friend Alex Dick, with the police rushed ..

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    Become a big star Mausoleum

    100 trillion kilometers away from Earth, there is a school called ”Algol” the stars, on the star, in ancient Greek mythology, there was such a legend: Medusa was a female demon endless magic, though she looked beautiful and unusual, and that long hair is very terrible. Originally, it was a viper into the hair, and there is a black magic Medusa: Anyone who saw her directly from the front, who would immediately become a stone. In order for the public 传奇私服 from harm, a hero hit upon a plan, he shield as a mirror shield in the sights from the head of the female demon, a demon woman knifed down .. was hacked to death, and her head became a star. It is considered a star known as ”Stitch.” This is the ”Algol” stars.
    Many years have passed, people may have forgotten the star. To 1782, another secret of the star, he was England’s deaf-mute named John Gould Creek Youth found.
    Rick Gould had a habit of quietly in the clear night sky watching. For that vast expanse of the heaven, he is full of curiosity. He often count with the naked eye stars in the sky, to identify various constellations, noting changes in the stars and explore the mysteries of the universe.
    That winter, Rick Goode astronomical telescope with a homemade ”Magic Star”, he found: the star is sometimes dark, 新开传奇私服 sometimes bright, and that’s not the same as the other stars, there is a clear change in brightness. He was surprised to think: ”This brightness change is what causes it?” He is determined to uncover this mystery.
    Since then, he was almost possessed a general, fixed on every night, ”Magic Star”, adhere to the continuous tracking of its observation, he observed a whole winter, got to know the ”magic sing” the variation of light and shade. He found; ”Magic Star” by the light gradually dimmed, then brightening the dark period is two days of zero twenty-one hours.
    That night, Rick Goode and keep next to the telescope. I saw a star clouds gradually covered the flash, after a while the 魔域私服 stars appeared in telescope, though, it is common in astronomical observation, and this was unexpectedly inspired by the new his:
    ”What is it blocking the flow of things? Make it flickering? If clouds, it will not 传奇私服 appear regularly, as long as I have found this happen in cycles, it will find the addition the real reason other than clouds! ”
    At this time, he reminded the eclipse. Bright sun, the moon blocked due to dim, and
    Such as the moon moves away, the sun shine and heavy.
    After repeated observations, thoughts, Rick Gould made a like inference: ”Magic Star” must have a darker side of the line of 魔域sf Ken rotating around it, when the planet to the Earth ”line of sight” range when the earth people look, ”Magic Star” on the darkened; transferred when the planet Earth ”line of sight”, the ”Magic Star” shoot the light and restore the original appearance, it seems, naturally became brighter.
    At that time, Gould Creek only 18 years old, made the original ideas, he has not had time to prove it further left the earth, 传奇私服 died only 22 years old.
    In 1888, that is, 100 years after the death of Goodwin Creek, Western scientific methods astronomers 传奇sf confirmed his vision. ”Magic Star” became the first one to be found in the ”variable star”, human studies, ”Variable Star” was the beginning of history.

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    Change the color of violets
    Boyle is the famous 17th century British chemist, physicist. Born in Lismore Castle in Ireland. After he moved to Oxford in 1654, began to study chemistry and physics problems.
    One morning, Boyle was about to go to the laboratory, the gardener brought a basket of 耐克运动鞋 beautiful violet. Boyle pick up a watch with a bunch of flowers, smell the smell of the fragrance into the TV drama lab. His assistant to fetch two bottles of hydrochloric acid experiment, Boyle would like to see the quality of hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid will be poured into the flask assistant. Boyle to violet on the table, to help man assistant. Pungent odor of volatile hydrochloric acid, the same as the white smoke pouring from the mouth of the bottle, poured into the 运动鞋批发 flask of pale yellow liquid smoke also ..
    ”It hydrochloride good!” Boyle relieved, picked up the flowers from the table to return to study. Violet when he suddenly found also shot up the smoke. Original, hydrochloric acid spilled on the flowers. He quickly put the flowers into the water wash. After a child, violet color from purple to red.
    Boyle’s interest in the study in that basket full of flowers to take to, aides said: ”to take a few 奇迹sf cups, each poured acid all that, let’s use some water.”
    Boyle began to pour in several cups of different acids, respectively, and then further into a flower for each cup, watching intently to see what new changes. I saw a deep purple flowers gradually become a pale red, dark red after a while, he is a child.
    In this way, he reached a conclusion: ”Not only is the hydrochloric acid, various other acids, can make 奇迹私服 the violets turn red!” Boyle excitedly aide said: ”This is too important! To determine a kinds of solution is not acidic, as long as the petals of the violet into the solution to try on the line! ”
    However, the violet is not blooming throughout the year. Boyle thought of a way, he gathered violets flowering season a lot of violet petals, bubbles out of the petals to extract. Need to usewhen he went to be tested solution infusion drip into the drop of violet. This is his invention of the ”testagent. ”
    Come this far, Boyle has not stopped. He is taken to the rose, the incense, and other flowers. Foam 传世私服 extract them to test the petals, followed by herbs, moss, bark and roots of various plants conduct similar tests. The most interesting is that bubbles out with litmus Immersion: acid and alkali have been like water, is colorless and transparent, but, if the litmus drip infusion into the acidic solution to show the red; drop into the alkaline infusion solution can make the litmus turns blue.
    Later, he invented a more convenient way to extract the paper is saturated with litmus, and then dried 传奇世界私服 on paper. Only need to use a small piece of paper into the solution being tested, the color changes according to the paper can
    Know that the solution is acidic or alkaline in the.
    Boyle to this litmus paper called ”indicator” that is, later known as ”testpaper. ”

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    Experts mysteriously disappeared

    U.S. nuclear physicists, Professor Ni Suoer mysteriously disappeared, Ni Suoer professor is studying the new atomic reaction. Stake his disappearance, the British Government to implement land, sea and air blockade comprehensive and police command prompt visit. Detective Inspector Roberts learned through the investigation, Ni Suoer recently met a beautiful young French woman, Miss Orchid Society, is subject to the Dolan’s trick, out 新开传奇私服 the back door of the airport security personnel accompanying the monitoring, since neither hide nor hair , as long as the find Durand, things is not difficult to figure out.
    While Roberts in the national search for Duran when Duran was automatically to surrender. She did pretty outstanding, colorful. She calmly said: ”I volunteered to as a hostage, you can take me to the exchange Nisuo Er, Professor.”
    Expose Roberts said: ”Of the blockade, this makes it difficult to escape abroad with a professor, so you come to the negotiations, want to get some interest, you say, the trade off is that?”
    ”Let me back to the 25 million pounds, Ni Suoer professors will be able to come back.”
    ”If it does not agree?”
    Girls come prepared, said: ”total closure costs too much, you will agree our conditions.”
    Police believe that this frustrating the government’s prestige and image of the police, but Roberts insisted, first Professor of the Ni Suoer safe return, then, may continue to arrest offenders. Therefore, Roberts agreed to £ 250,000, Professor redemption. But the French girl Duran also proposed new requirements: do not accept cash, but to a group of 25 million pounds worth of diamonds. Roberts agreed.
    Roberts, according to the French woman in consultation with the conditions, without any police 传奇私服 involvement in the case, They drove the car to be driven on the road Daes Devi, 8 km of road signs when the time came, met a car explosion can no longer move. French woman took out a radio, tuned the channels, immediately came a rough voice: ”I’m Wilson, I am sorry I let you touch on the wheel a small bomb, which some of us safer . Now, you can go to Tulane with a diamond. As for Ni Suoer professor, you can find in the road near his farm. ”
    Roberts set free after the French woman, and she found a tall on the farm long handsome young scholar.
    ”I am Nisuo Er, because of my indiscretion, to give you trouble.”
    Roberts smiled and said: ”The car has been damaged, we go on the road, perhaps you can think of to do
    Method. ”
    When They set foot on the road, the night has been very strong, they heard the roar of planes overhead 传世私服 sounded again and saw a double seat single-engine aircraft Chenzheyese quickly fly away. Wilson and the French woman with jewelry, wants to run away.
    Roberts opened the car bombing of a bad back cover, took out a pre-hidden in the trunk of the transceiver, and immediately connected to signal that the location of the aircraft type and takeoff direction of the Air Force immediately to its landing.
    Ni Suoer did not understand: ”This aircraft flying in the night, our Air Force can find it?”
    Roberts smiled and said: ”I have already planned out, the key is that the small diamonds mounted tin, tin is actually a small electronic eye that can guide the plane to find it.”
    As expected, not how often, Roberts received a message that aircraft single-engine aircraft in the 200 km 传奇世界私服 away were forced to drop a piece of wilderness. At this time, the nearest police received a signal has arrived at the highway 8 km,
    Roberts accompanied by Ni Suoer bound by the police aircraft landing site straight.
    In the wilderness of a cottage, Roberts found the bandit chieftain Duran Wilson and the French girl. Wilson shouted: ”I used the prison as a home, you take me back ’home’ good.”
    French girl was blind sorrow and crying: ”You are good with me for 10 years, 10 years later, we are a free rich!”
    Roberts, Pirates of the gang used to have a deep understanding that they will not automatically produce diamonds, then ordered his men to conduct a comprehensive search. But after searching through their body and farmhouse, only to find the box and did not find a diamond. From the time of their possession of the diamond is not possible here, the larger they may be hiding in the nearby rural areas, Professor Ni Suoer detention, so they escorted the girl back 高仿运动鞋 to Wilson and French farms. However, they are near the farm and its careful search, found nothing.
    Roberts, racking our brains suddenly said: ”The side of the road near the farm, not a landmark block it?”
    ”Signs!” Ni Suoer professor blurted shouted, ”That is the location of the car bombing, do not do it under our noses?”
    ”Under the eyes of hiding things in the most difficult to be found.” Roberts signs bear arrived there, from the stone back soon discovered a small hole, one pull a knife, cutting out a plastic packet, opened it , it is the batch of diamonds.

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    Gold inlaid precious stones

    Emory Powell requested financial giant to help him recover a Bologna carved Renaissance Gold Cup. Gold is the pattern on a tree, a plate inlaid with precious stones around the snake, the apple tree full of emeralds by the extraordinary beauty of form. Pope Alexander VI, which is said to have used the cup. Gold has been stolen more than once only. Gold Cup to occupy only there had been murder. Powell is a collection of antique home to 3 运动鞋批发 million cost of acquiring it. But they were stolen, the thief’s stealing another Casey died in falls, and this cup has disappeared, that happened over 10 years, Emory although the means exhausted, but still find less than the whereabouts of the cup. So I had to request Polo.
    Polo like to take over other people do not do, especially in the case made him think of赫斯珀洛斯golden apples, which is run by his ancestors赫拉克里士the first 11 events.
    Polo asked the detective handling the case about this: ”Casey, who lives where?”
    ”His home in Liverpool, we search his house, almost every party dug soil, did not find that only the Gold Cup, his wife was a decent woman, as her husband could not understand, has died at the time of the incident. He has a daughter, Kate, like her mother, after his father died from a fall and became a nun. ”
    Polo After long trek to the nuns of St. Mary Kate when the monastery. There is very remote, very quiet, really a good place for practice. Judge tells Poirot, Kate in the church 法名叫玛丽乌 Sura.
    Poirot said, ”There is a need to settle the case, I believe 玛丽乌苏拉 can help me. She may have provided a great value.”
    Judge said: ”But she died two months before the.”
    Nevertheless, the Polo still confident, accomplishing to accomplish things others can not. 耐克运动鞋 He came to town to find his room at a bar in the figure intended. This is really remote places, the things people are totally ignorant on the Mainland, only horse racing enthusiasts who like to gamble. Only to hear a poor man dressed in the shout: ”I bet that Atlas, this is a horse non ’Ms. Lang’ beat is not, 25:1, really good luck, but unfortunately I do not name a single cent, Marseille can not win this time. ”
    Poirot quietly pulled to the side of the Atlas: ”I can give you money, help you win the Marseille, but would like you to do something for you .. it is just little things.”
    Atlas cheeks flushed with excitement, but he hesitated to do this is to be punished by God.
    Polo said: ”You’re just what the original is returned to Kate Kate nothing more.”
    The next day, Atlas St. Mary’s Abbey to steal from one packet to the Polo. Poirot gave him two £ 高仿运动鞋 5 notes as a reward, it really makes Atlas made a fortune.
    Polo came to the home of financier Baoer Wei, the Atlas gave him a packet apart, has displayed a goblet. Gold engraving on a tree, a tree covered with apple green gems.
    ”Thank you, Monsieur Poirot, where did you find?”
    ”I found this cup at the altar of.” Poirot said, ”Pirates of the Cup by Casey’s daughter is a nun, her father died when she was about to go into the convent. She is an ignorant, but very devout girl. this cup had possession of her father’s home in Liverpool, she will take it to the monastery, probably hoping to atone to back his father now. I think the nuns did not know the value and origins of this glass in their eyes This is just a chalice and, therefore, be it chalice used. ”
    Powell said: ”how do you think of where to go?”
    Poirot shrugged his shoulders: ”This is to exclude all possibilities results. 10 years no one has 传奇世界私服 managed to sell or dispose of the cup, this fact is very unusual, which made me feel this world cup, the value of certain hidden in a standards and does not work place. because I think Casey’s daughter is a nun. ”
    Bold Powell said: ”How much gratuity, I can pay.”
    ”I do not want money, but there is a requirement.” Poirot said, ”Take this cup to go back to the monastery.”
    ”Are you crazy?” Powell could not believe my ears.
    ”No, I’m not crazy. Look, I’ll show you a secret.” He picked up the cup, hand a pressure, the cups have a 传世私服 light to open, and in the hollow of the cup into a small hole on the left. He said: ”You see, this is the Pope’s drinking cup, through this hole, poison to enter the wine, this wine itself is a history of evil, evil may come to your head.”
    Powell’s thoughts. Polo said: ”You have so many antiques and treasures, a symbol of evil out of this cup, for you, just drop in the ocean, and you can get ..”
    Powell eagerly asked: ”gain?”
    ”You sing the Mass, the nuns will make you live is not only rich, but to live peace.”
    ”Ah, the main live in peace, this is what I needed.” Polo Powell has finally agreed to the request.

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    Aspen of cow leather Austria

    British Prime Minister Edward find the private detective Poirot non Demirel, talked about his recent encounter a difficult event: an alarmist known to the ”Perspective News” magazine, published recently prepared a number of materials, the former prime minister 新开传奇私服 revealed John Hamilton especially the fact that abuse of power. Trail is a special non-Hami heir is his son, the material once made public, the old politician who will not only damage the reputation, but also against non-Demirel’s political life, in the community unrest and chaos caused by , the opposition will take the opportunity to come to power, dictatorial rule.
    Polo is unwilling to meddle in politics, but non-Demirel, in his mind is a good politician, he felt a responsibility to help him. He said: ”You and your government can counter the” Perspective News ”rumors!”
    ”This is exactly what they want, through the debate, the magazine will be increased sales.” Non Demirel said, ”even if the charges in court, they would not lose, because the material they are exposed, not rumors
    Words, but the unknown facts. ”Non-Trail went on to tell Poirot, the Government discovered this is because
    Facts, especially to discourage Hamilton in power, prepared to take measures to wash ’Austrian leather 魔域私服 Aspen bullpen’. But the serious problem is that this material if published, not only the bullpen can not wash dirt, and the entire bullpen will be removed, his own Prime Minister, this position is not nostalgia, but the fate of the country will be at risk, this is begging the opposition , and he would not mistake for a person to destroy the whole future of the country. He has tried many ways to and ”Perspective News” magazine accommodating, but not bribery, violence is not OK, it seems that this is hopeless. ”
    Poirot smiled and said: ”You come to me, shows that you still have hope, I will do my best.” Polo left the Prime Minister, met the next stairs, the daughter of Hamilton special, non-Demirel’s wife, Britain’s first lady, she is not only charming, is the outstanding beauty, and in the community enjoy a high reputation. She invited him to the office of the Polo said uneasily: ”My father did not like the public so good, he is actually a counterfeit, non-Trail should not marry me, my father dragged him!”
    Polo, turning quietly with him, said: ”I have accepted this incident, his wife is willing to help me
    It? ”
    His wife, he said flatly: ”In order to clean the ’Austrian Aspen cow leather’, to ensure the implementation of my 魔域sf husband really honest politics, I would be happy to do it all!”
    Soon, major newspapers published a message of non Ms. Lei Er to Scotland on vacation.
    But ”Perspective News” magazine has a different report that non Ms. Lei Er did not go in Scotland, but in a fun beach break. Then, more specifically the reports, saying that a man named Simon, often accompanied by the Argentine men’s side in the non Ms. Lei Er. Then again, this magazine published two photographs, a non-Relf and Simon posed half naked on the beach, one is whispering in the bedroom the two lenses, public outcry, ”Perspectives Press” more fuel to the flames, so that they uncovered reports of abuse of power is also a former prime minister postponed. Because Nannvsiqing more aroused public interest, but also enable increased sales magazine.
    Official monitoring bodies which can not be ignored, the ”Perspective News” made the complaint.
    In court, the first witness is a Scottish bishop, he vowed to prove that the non Ms. Lei Er has been living in 传奇私服 Scotland, a palace, the bishop met with her almost every day.
    The second witness called Thelma. People found her face and non Ms. Lei Er surprisingly similar. She testified that there is a ”Perspective News” magazine, who asked her to accompany a very Ting A person, according to their needs took two photos, for which she won her a much-needed compensation.
    ”Perspective News” magazine, the defense of an agent rather pale, but said they had received the material under the press to 传奇sf publish the magazine on the.
    Sentence is fair, ”Perspective News” false reports, spreading rumors, punishable by a fine large sums of money, an apology to the public and the parties.
    At this time, Poirot has to find the Prime Minister of non-Demirel: ”Do you delegate something, I have completed the.”
    Non-Laurel, said: ”” Perspective News ”how do such stupid things?”
    Polo said: ”This is my first-hand manipulation, that is what I find to Selma.” He said his 传奇私服 task is the same as赫拉克里士, put his hands to go into the sludge, construction of a so River diversion dam, so mud covered body of a pure woman. People of this scandal than any politicalinterest. The result, how things ended? Reaction, moral defeated! Pure woman resumed clearwhite, romantic and emotional tide sweeping away the great Austrian leather Aspen bullpen. Finally, he stressed: ”Now even if the” Perspective News ”and then John Hamilton posted the news of special fraud, and no one believed.” Shooting at Edward angry non Laurel Polo: ”My wife, you dare Using her .. ”
    Non Ms. Lei Er into the room to: ”I agree with everything, and I spent in Scotland with the Bishop ofa 英雄合击 peaceful day, I feel energy is very strong now, what should I carry out my charitywas. ”

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    Footprints on the tennis court

    One morning, the former Soviet ballet dancer Line Jin Siji is its own martial arts room in the practice of Switzerland. His wife took the day’s newspaper, ran hurriedly and said: ”You see, you see, the wife of banker Luoyi Te killed.”
    The contents of this news is as follows:
    Sunday morning, the bankers Luoyi Te villa tennis court, found the bodies of his wife Luoyi 传奇私服 Te. The killer is about one meter away from the place where the deceased will be her shot. The time of death about eight p.m. on Saturday. As on-site tennis court, because it rained on Saturday morning, the ground wet and slippery, so the victims and the perpetrators of the footprints are clearly visible, wearing high heels are. 传世私服 Surprisingly, high heels and India came to the scene but only one person, out of the scene is only one foot high heels, and two step up again. The survey, the deceased was killed, the dead were suicide killer has created a false impression.
    It is reported that authorities had arrested a major suspect. She is Luoyi Te mistress, the former Russian ballet dancer 安娜古捷斯卡娅. Because the victim’s phone next to the bedroom, Mrs. Luo Yite, left a note that read: ”eight p.m., and Anna on the tennis court.” Anna of the police investigation has taken the attitude of silence. But even if she is really the murderer, in this case there is a puzzling mystery, that is, how could not leave footprints, but only a person’s footprint it? Maybe the murderer is marching to the scene, footprints escape, but the toe and heel high-heeled shoes 奇迹私服 are small, when to step in to take the slightest step on without a trace, is impossible. Thus, Anna is still not fully determine the murderer.
    Nirvana Jin Siji after reading this news, said: ”Anna’s possessive; and full of passion, this is likely done out of.” Because he often performed together, and Anna, familiar with her character.
    His wife said: ”That the world of rain, the murderer probably in the rain when it rains came before or tennis court is 运动鞋批发 then printed on high heels long been washed clean.”
    ”No, when it rains in the morning, and at eight p.m. crime. It is said that Anna and Luo Yite his wife by telephone, arranged to meet eight p.m. on the tennis court. She never came to the scene in the morning , has been there until eight p.m., it is not necessary. ”Nirvana Jin Siji finished, and continue practicing ballet. However, I do not know how, and he suddenly laughed out loud, and excited to accelerate the body’s rotation. ”Ha ha ha, something like this, 传奇私服 hey, you look, Anna is one such walk.”
    He wore ballet shoes in the foot, so that standing toe walking, walking model, and then added: ”Anna must be the first to wear the ballet shoes to tennis courts, players and with high heels, to the eight p.m. Los Iraq came to be his wife, Anna, killed his wife with a pistol, and ballet shoes near the body off and put on high heels. She then shine a flashlight while the ballet shoes shoe prints, Footprints, run away while marching . ballet toe shoes, small 传奇世界私服 footprints, big footprints heels, ballet shoes, high heels stepping on the footprints, the footprints on the shoes can be completely erased. In this way, the scene of the footprints to indicate that only one person. ”
    Wife nodded, said: ”This is only just think of a ballet dancer.”
    Anna was finally confessed to the crimes.

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    All roads green flame
    During the Great Patriotic War, former Soviet Union, once the German army in pursuit of Soviet encountered a company of tanks, Soviet forces launched fierce attacks. At this time, the Soviet ammunition exhausted, and looked at the Soviet tanks with sporadic gunfire, the 传奇私服 Germans know what that has fallen into the enemy’s desperate to be capture, and even more aggressive to tight in the past. At this time, 传奇世界私服 Soviet tanks suddenly fired together, artillery towing a flame flew over the green. Soon 冲在最前面 of a German tank fire a shot.
    ”Stop the attack, immediately retreat!” The German commander issued the command.
    Strange green flares were scared senseless of the German tank crews are anxious boss issued such an 传奇sf order it, turn around and scatter in all directions of the natural one.
    ”This green shells must be new weapons the Soviets.”
    German commanders fled back to camp worried. Green weapons because it is their first encounter, how to 魔域私服 resist it? They convened a special military conference, solemnly opened the study.
    ”Ha ha ha .. never thought the Germans were frightened away several flares.” Chatter in the German commanders to discuss how to Fusu Jun’s ”new weapons”, the Soviet tank company of the officers and men have fun away. German soldiers would not have thought no matter what, 传奇私服 they encounter the special shells with a green flame, but the Soviet army in the ammunition runs out, forced the tanks again and 传奇私服 again longer than the desperate, it ordered the gun fitted with a green signal flares This is a really small weapons of mass destruction only. However, the Soviet measures such Jizhongshengzhi, but actually to repel an enemy onslaught.

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    Luo Jin Qiao wins Dayton River Bridge
    ”Germans will retreat Don, we must seize the enemy’s depth on the Don near Karachi, the only remaining 奇迹私服 bridge!” The twenty-sixth the Red Army tank corps commander, Major General Luo Jin arranged the meeting in combat combat missions.
    This is the Soviet Union in the Great Patriotic War 21 November 1942. Two days ago, the Soviet Red Army in Stalingrad region around the start of the line of counterattack, the Germans will now be pursued across the board. And to go beyond the enemy, cut off the enemy’s escape route to 奇迹sf escape 33 million, which is what a difficult task ah!
    Now Major General Luo Jin looked around the meeting of the commanders, eloquent: ”This operation,
    Hard hit by recklessly, is not to seize the Dayton River bridge, we should use psychological knows how to outsmart, two thousand years
    Before the war between Chu and Han Chinese, the Han Zhang was with the ’embattled’ the hearts and 传奇私服 minds battle, the collapse of the Chu
    The military, which is unconventional, clever use of psychology knows how the example. Today, we should also unconventional,
    Points to the illusion of making the enemy .. ”
    At 3:00 on the 22nd, the stars have not landed, the dawn had not yet risen, the Soviet twenty-six vanguard of hundreds of tanks and troops drove tanks all the bright lights, all the way into the march column, proceeding from the Oster Rove to Karachi’s roads, dozens of 传奇世界私服 kilometers through the German defensive positions, moved into the Dayton River Bridge.
    The German perspective, the Soviet tank attack can not be bright lights at night, exposing themselves to themselves; can not not speak tactics, arranged in columns entered; also could not shoot, do not fire, came to die. Therefore, they convinced to put this unit as one 传世私服 of us, not a bit to inquire, let them
    Tank blatantly opened in the past.
    Over the River Bridge in Washington, raised the seven red flares. It sparkles in the dawn, with all the 运动鞋批发 wonderful color of the sky than it seems the most eye-catching colors, the most moving .. 

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    Total Russian skillfully changing of the guard
    In the Crimean War, Turkey and the Allied offensive in the Far East, is only a wing full-scale war in the action, the main military power is invested in the Black Sea. As Allied soldiers, ships more than enough, they organized a special supply fleet. The fleet commanded by the Ottoman Turkish Admiral, in order to protect the lifeline of the Allies.
    Russian warships few little soldiers, so Bishijiuxu, specifically looking for this for the supply 新开传奇私服 of wood-based carrier fleet operations. The west coast of Batumi in the Caucasus, the Russian military found the aircraft, attacked the fleet of this supply, forcing it to retreat Ruxinuopu to aid the Gulf waiting for the Allies.
    One morning, Sinop Bay, fog shrouded, an unidentified fleet sailed to the Gulf slowly from a distance, 魔域私服 the Ottoman immediately alert, he will transport the vessel, including the inter-storm, and will serve as the security task of the armored warship In the outer guard, vigilant.
    Fog gradually dissipated to finally see the Ottoman ships flying the ”m” word flag, he could not help overjoyed, 魔域私服 he heading for the big British reinforcements arrived, a hanging in the heart put down.
    Until close, eight British warships together suddenly turned to the dark muzzle aimed at the Turkish fleet, a flash, ”m” word flag to land down, white ”cross” the rapid rise of the Russian flag, it was a team Russia’s changing of the guard of the fleet, smelly Mann shocked not help, command is a rush to fight.
    But it was too late, the Turkish gunners have not yet in place, the Russian ship of 720 guns fired on together, only a few minutes to play put the Turkish transport vessel flying wood fragments, bodies floating. Turkey is also filled vessels was beaten ammunition caught fire and exploded, 传奇私服 suddenly, the water Xiao sky, fire mapping the surface, the loss of the fighting ability of the Turkish fleet.
    At this time, the 38 Turkish shore batteries opened fire rescue quickly, but the Russian ship had been firing into 传奇世界私服 the fort
    Dead, the coast of Turkey is not only not hit Russian artillery fire, and because of the smoke, blurry vision,
    But hit his own ships.
    Ottoman see the hopeless situation, ordered the break, but the Russian military has surrounded tight, how can I let him escape, did not
    Long, the flagship of the Ottoman hit sinking, and he is captured by Russian troops.
    The campaign, the Russian military skillfully ”Banner” design, grab a favorable position of aircraft and active, 传世私服 with a minimum price for a great victory, destroying a total of 15 Turkish ships, hurt the enemy more than 3,000 people, more than 200 enemy prisoners of war , the Sinop coast of Turkey fort to rubble, has made the Black Sea sea.

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    August 27, 1977 morning, the U.S. Embassy in Moscow fire broke out, so happened that the fire occurred in the security of confidential documents in the first 8 floors, and soon spread to the home to the 9th floor, the embassy staff.
    Embassy personnel were awakened by the fire, rush to use the building’s fire-fighting 奇迹私服 equipment to extinguish the fire. The diplomats in the political, diplomatic, military experts and even worthy of the title of social areas, but it is an outsider fighting the fire, the fire is not only not diminished, but the more burning more prosperous, in which case, they have resorted to the Soviet Union fire department come to the fire.
    The fire quickly went to the Soviet embassy, dozens of firefighters wearing safety helmets Jingzhuang, wearing a fire suit, carrying a variety of new fire equipment, the use of beating, smashing, breaking, bashing and other means, pretty soon to surrender the Huomo.
    Embassy personnel out of danger of fire fighting heroes of these grateful, but firefighters were 奇迹sf magnanimously replied: ”This is what we should do.”
    When the embassy staff to enter the smoke Restraints to clean up around the site, we found that all of the safe had been opened, but not all confidential documents inside. They suspect that firefighters in trouble, but there is no 传世私服 evidence, nor reason would like to protest, firefighters brought in their own guests, guests have been done successfully, then what of the criticism and blame others for no reason to it?
    Nevertheless, the fire occurred for no reasons, the file is missing more dubious, which set a secret, 传奇世界私服 but even if we have secret, is unclear, but to swallow the bitter fruit of self.
    However, the Soviet KGB was aware, the firefighters have a special team, called Xie Puta, he is a lock expert, able to open the safe in the smoky fire, especially when he put out the fire ”positive”, give full play his expertise.
    Open theft of classified documents and secret theft although the consequences are different, but the United States and its allies have to re-adjust the strategic plan, the loss was heavy.

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