The Future For This Website

June 5, 2009 in Website News/Updates by Steve Tolley

Just a quick update at where I am with this website at the minute, As you all may know I have been at University the past few months and all the work involved with the assignments took up most of my time so I didn’t really have time to update this website with tutorials and posts.

Now I have broken up from University until sometime in September so I am looking to get some tutorials done and some posts written so I can get this website active again, I appreciate your patience with this and hope you will stick with me whilst I get some written.

I have a post which I am writing at the minute which should be ready for the early part of next week, this post is explaining The Differences With Each File Format In Photoshop so this can give some beginners a better understanding what the difference between a .PNG and a .JPG is I hope that some people will find this interesting and for the more advanced users the will probably some image types you didn’t know about.

I am also writing a tutorial which I should have ready in the next week or so, but you will have to wait and see what it is on when it is released, feel free to sign up to the RSS Feed so that when the posts are released you are the first to know.

Thank you all for your loyalty and understanding!