1000 Business Card Giveaway - Winners Announced!

October 20, 2008 in Contests by Steve Tolley

So it’s been 2 weeks since I announced the 1000 Business card giveaway and today is the day where the winners are announced,

There were quite a few entries to this competition and making a decision was really tough because to be honest all of the entries offered a viable reason to be given the business cards, but I have made a decision and the winners and there reasons are listed below.

What I need the winners to do is to contact me via the CONTACT form telling me there:

  • Email Addresses
  • Full Name
  • An Address For Delivery (e.g. Home Address)

All of the above are needed in order for the business cards to be sent to you!

Another thing is that you need to have a business card design for Uprinting as they do not make one for you

The Winners:

Below is the list of the winners in no particular order, If any of the winners do not contact me within a week then I will offer the business cards to someone else, so it’s best to send me your details as soon as possible:

1. Andrew Taylor

I need these business cards because I can’t afford them on my own. I’m leaving my job and losing my apartment and moving in with family to stay in town. I deserve these because I’ve been working harder than anyone I know to get my freelance career started. I almost started a freelance team with my girlfriend left town to live in a van with some band. Luckily the only client we had at the time stayed with me and has stayed with me through everything. My computer died and I lost all contact information and almost all the files. I’ve been surviving by using dropbox on my work computer, library computeres, and Mac labs at my school. I actually spent the night the the labs in order to get a large amount of work done and was kicked out by the janitor at 5:30 when she woke me up to tell me I couldn’t be in the lab after midnight. I have earned the right to have my own freelance career and I have earned these cards!


-Andrew Taylor (Additive Designs)

2. Dan

I need business cards because I am trying to grow a music production business. My wife and I work hard but during these hard economic times anything outside of the necessities are impossible to work into the budget. I really think these cards would help to get my name out there and make me look professional.
Thanks for offering these up. Your consideration is appreciated.

- Dan

3. Josh

Well, I’m kinda new to this industry, and because no one will hire me yet, I’ve started to do some freelance work. I just bought a brand new Mac computer, and don’t have money left to get proper business cards printed. I am currently living off disability and find that they’re not giving me nearly enough to even live off, let alone purchase equipment and supplies I need to run my business!
I also feel that this would be a great help to getting my business (and name) off the ground.


4. Lee


I’m a freelance photographer, after getting myself out an about shooting doco stuff at my own expense and which just doesn’t pay (but it’s in an exhibition….i’m trying to tick all the boxes off..ie. website, business cards, comp cards, printing my book. It really is a huge money injection, and I’m having to shoot weddings and things that aren’t really my deal to get these must have’s. AND I might very well loose my mind shooting weddings - so I reckon a free batch of business cards could save my mind for a WEE WHILE LONGER…and that would make mum very happy….probably no one else! Just kidding)

And Thats It…

I just want to say congratulations and Thankyou to all of the winners and to all of the people that didn’t win this time look out for another competition coming soon, which will be bigger and better with more prizes,

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